tisdag 12 juni 2007

Summer Holiday

Summertime and vacation is not a good combo for sitting in from of the computer on Sundays. Maybe I´ll be posting something on a rainy day. Otherwise I hope to be back in autumn.

söndag 3 juni 2007

Sunday # 21 Summer in Stockolm, Norwegian Pancakes

...and yesterday we beat Denmark in what must have been one of the strangest football games in swedish history. With football I mean soccer Steph, socker in swedish is sugar, if something suger it means its bad, the opposite can be super, same word as in english, but it also has the meaning drinking alcohol. And here endeth the lesson.

Today I didn´t make any pancakes. My mom did. They are norwegian and are called svele
2 eggs
5 dl flour
6 dl yoghurt
1 dl sugar
1 tps vanilla
2 tsp baking pwder

My grandma was norwegian (on my father side). So a hommage to her.