söndag 27 maj 2007

Sunday # 20 Tea for two

This started out as a wonderful day. Now that is nearly over I can say it kept it´s promise. Been sunshine all day. I´ve been with the locals at the Street recycle festival, which is similar to what happens on Queen´s day in Amsterdam, but on a much smaller scale. Basically people take whatever stuff they don´t want any more out to the street and sell it, trade it or give it away.

Thinking there was no time for a pancake brunch me and Anna started out with tea for two.

The pancakes today contains Parmesan cheese, pine nuts and basil flavoured olive oil. So a bit like pesto. Served with rocket and cherry tomato.

2 eggs
2 dl wheat flour
3 dl milk
½ dl grated parmesan cheese
50 g roasted and fine chopped pine nuts
2 tbsp olive oil

When we were finished Jens came over ad had some of the above pancakes turned into mushroom or chicken filled crêpes.

Filling made with

2 small onions
dash of white wine
1 dl cream
½ dl vegetable stock
300 g champignons or chicken
black pepper

söndag 20 maj 2007

Sunday # 19 Apple Pancakes

Wonderful day today, summerlike. Had pancakes and the got beaten at golf by Jens.

The champ

Apple pancakes with apple and ginger sauce.
These one I did without a recepie, just had some of apples.
2 eggs
2½ dl(one cup) flour
1 tsp baking powder
1tbsp sugar
1 pinch salt
2 dl milk
1 dl concentrated apple juice
One grated apple (I think it was a Jona Gold)

1 dl water
½ dl muscovado sugar
1 green apple (Granny Smith)
1 red apple (Red delicious)
1 small piece of fresh ginger.
Apple liquer (optional)

Bring all the ingredients to the simmer and keep them there until soft. Mix it all in a blender.

Babsylie wanted me to post a link to the Cheesecake Truck song, so here we go

söndag 13 maj 2007

Sunday # 18 Cheese Cake

SO I just made cheese cake for myself today. I bought a prefab. Couldn´t think of a new pancake to make and was tired. I leave you with the lyrics for "Cheesecake truck" by King Missile, from the album Mystical Shit.

So then I got this idea about driving a cheesecake truck,
Because I figured at the end of the day I could take some of the leftover cheesecakes home,
And I love cheesecake.
So I went to the cheesecake company,
And they asked me if I could drive a truck,
And I said yes and they said you re hired.
So the next day I got in the truck with all the cheesecakes,
And I drove about a block and I just had to have a cheesecake.
So I pulled over and I opened the trunk and I got a cheesecake,
And I also took one for later,
And I took one for my friend Farmboy,
And I took one to bring home,
And by that time I had eaten one of the cheesecakes.
So I took another one.
Then I figured I might as well stop at my house to drop off all the cheesecakes.
So I take five cakes to eat on the way,
And I drive another block and a half to my house.
Now it s lunchtime so I eat ten cheesecakes and a cheesecake for desert.
I should point out by the way that all of these cheesecakes were very delicious.
Anyway, I decided that the only thing to do would be to eat all the rest of the cheesecakes and hide the truck somewhere and leave town.
And I miss everybody a lot,
But I m not really sorry,
Because they were very delicious cheesecakes.

Even better with music.

söndag 6 maj 2007

Sunday # 17 Rose Water Pancakes

So , this Sunday I have two confession. One:I lost my camera, so blurry cellphone picture. Two: Forgot to take a picture of the real hit today, Anna´s Eggs Benedictine.

Today some collegues from an old shut down hospital called Rosenlund. In memoriam I found these Rose Water Pancakes in a book about brunches, but unfortunately I did not find any Rose water. So did them anyway, even though the pun was lost. Turned out nice but Anna really won the price today.

I don´t really know how to make Eggs Benedictine (that is like proper cooking that takes proper skills) so I won´t go into that.
The pancakes, however, turned out to be something like the Amarican Pancakes made in January, but without the cottage cheese.

For 4 persons

3 3/4 dl flour
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp sugar
1 pinch salt
2 eggs, lightly whipped
2½ dl milk
60 g melted butter

400g strawberries
½ dl Maple syrup
1 tsp Vanilla extract
2 tsp Rose Water
100 g whipped butter

Sugar and cinammon, to turn the pancakes in before serving

Todays guest was Astrid, Elsa, Elin, Linus, Calle and Andreas