söndag 18 februari 2007

Sunday # 7 Dessert Pancakes

This week I cheated, the pancakes were eaten on Saturday, but the guest stayed until Sunday so that counts for something.
This is a (or the) book circle. We meet every now and then to discuss a book, this time in the genre swedish vampire fiction. The book got good marks, the pancakes too I think. the jury R->L consist of Stina, Jesper(hidden),Anna-Maria, Anna, Otto, Magnus and Johan.
This is a mix of some of the earlier recipes, and some added sugar and honey.

3 dl plain flour
½ dl sugar
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp baking soda
5 eggs
5 dl milk
1 dl beer
pinch of salt
butter to fry in

Mix all dry ingredients, then add egg. Mix in half the milk. Put the batter in the fridge for 30 mins. Then add the rest of the milk and the beer. Fry on medium heat.
Served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce.

Anna had the flu today, and there is no room for guest any more. Next week this whole refurbishing business will hopefuly be finished.

söndag 11 februari 2007

Sunday # 6 Blintz or Bliny

The first jury of today: Emil, Karolina, Joakim, Fredrik (Annas brother) and Anna.
E and J ate ordinary plättar - small pancakes.

The second jury of the day: DRC-Anna, Selma 14 months, Abbe and Cecilia

A view from the waterfront just below our building, facing Old Town, onthe left Långholmen´s Shipyard.

The English word blintz comes from the Yiddish "blintse" which in turns come from blin. "blin" comes from Old Slavic mlin, that means "to mill" (Wikipedia). I did a buckwheat pancake with no religous connections (or not to me anyway), and that might be called a Bliny. Who knows, I don´t, I´m swedish.

We had a russian theme this week for no apparent reason. Someone, forgot who, thought of it last week. So the plan was for a beet root soup called Borsjtj and Bliny. But on Friday I met Markus´ Mom Malou, who contributed woth a recepie, hereforth know as the 3M pancake, and had to add that too. Could also be called the 3 egg pancake, cause it has 3 times the amount of egg as an ordinary pancake.

800 gr beet root
300 gr carrots
200 gr swede (one of the reasons to make this)
200 gr celery
2 red apples
600 gr cabbage
2 onions
2 cloves of garlic
2 dl chopped sour pickled gherkin
1,5 liters of vegetable stock
1-2 tbsp white vinegar
Salt and black pepper

Fry onion and garlic in a bit of oil. Grind all the root vegetalbles on the coarse side of a grater or in a food processor. Mix it with the stock and simmer for 20-30 mins. Save some of the beet root to add just at the end, will preserve a beautiful red color.
Serve with sour cream, or smetana if you got it.


25 g yeast
5 dl milk
2 dl buck wheat flour
2 dl wheat flour
2 egg yolks
1/2 tsp Salt
3 tbsp sour cream
2 egg white

Heat the milk to 37 degrees, mix it with the yeast. Add everything but the sour cream and the egg whites. Make a smooth batter and leave it to rise for 1-1½ hour in a warm place.
Whip egg whites to a foam. Carefully mix it wit the batter.
Fry on middle heat griddle.
Serve with sour cream, roe and red onion or sour pickled gherkin and honey.

3M pancake

1 dl wheat flour
2 dl milk
3 eggs
pinch of salt

Proceed as usual. Turned out very good.

My parents, Birgit and Nils, came over, became jury number 3.

As you figure out I don´t have memory nor typing skills good enough to post everybodys opinion. So, in conclusion:
People like Bliny and for someone who is getting bored with the ordinary pancakes (not me:) they are a very nice option. Could be agood appetizer or starter.
Borsjtj is a tasty, cheap soup. Also makes your pee red.
3 M pancakes are sort of omelette with flour in it. Excellent for a quick snack or bodybuilders. Sweet or savory depends on accessories.

måndag 5 februari 2007

No pics out the window today, but for you who are on the other side of the world I submit pictures of the way to work, view from a window at South Hospital and the way home from work. I don´t work that many hours, it is just dark all the time.

söndag 4 februari 2007

Sunday # 5 Oven Pancake or Yorkshire Pudding

Markus chosed the theme. Also Anna wasn´t home and for some reason I´m not sure if she likes oven pancakes, so it worked out fine. When I was looking for recepies I found out that what in Sweden is called a oven pancake is pretty much the same as Yorkshire pudding. So I did both, and an extra choclate feature, but that didn´t turn out that well, so I´ll spare you the recepie.

News today: Ulf and Thomasine moved yesterday and was cleaning the old apartment, Hjalle and Frida bought a new car(a SUV:[), brother Anders got a new apartment.
Hjalle have learned how bluetooth works. Frida is planning to do some surgery on me. The downhill WC in Åre is still cancelling races due to bad weather.

So the jury today: Markus, Anna, Anders(brother), Frida, Ninni, Thomasine, Mika (11 months),Hjalle and Ulf.
Galettes are better than Yorksire Pudding, who in turn is better than the oven pancake and the chochlate dessert did not taste enough chochlate.It is a better idea to just make a cake.

The recipes

Oven pancake

2 3/4 dl wheat flour
3 eggs
6 dl milk
one pinch salt
1 tbs butter

Mix flour, salt and half the milk. Let the batter sit for 30 min in the fridge. Mix in the eggs and the rest of the milk.
Warm the oven to 225 degrees.
Butter a deep pan.
In the oven for 20-30 minuntil golden
Rest for 2-4 mins
Serve with, whipped cream, some sort of jam and or sugar.
I did half of the pancake with apple slices (Granny Smith) and cinammon.

This one is a internet ripoff.
Will edit it later

Classic Yorkshire Pudding
Like Grandma used to make - the secrets of success are Hot Oven, Hot Fat and Hot Heavy Pans.
I find semi-skimmed milk is better than full cream. Some cooks use half and half milk and water. Originally the pudding was cooked below the joint to soak up the meat juices which dripped down from the shelf above. Nowadays the puddings are often cooked in the top of the oven while the meat is resting and the puddings can be served as a first course or as an accompaniment. We've got main course and dessert recipes later.
125g / 4oz sifted plain flour
a pinch of salt
1 large / 1 medium egg
300ml / half pint semi-skimmed milk
oil or melted dripping
Make sure the oven is hot - 220C / 475F / Gas Mk 8.
Using a wooden spoon, gradually beat the egg and milk into the flour and salt until you have a smooth batter. Beat well and leave to stand.
Pour a little oil or dripping into each cup of a heavy gauge bun tin (I use a cast iron American Popover Pan). Alternatively use a roasting tin for one large pudding. Place in the hot oven to preheat for 5 minutes. Beat the batter again and decant into a jug for speed. Without allowing the oil to cool, pour the batter into the hot pans, half filling the cups. Bake for 12 - 20 minutes - depending on size - until puffed and golden. Serve immediately.
Try not to open the oven door until they're done - glass doors are useful. If you have to, just open it enough to take a quick peek.